Bible Studies

Small Groups are the best place to connect if you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus. Our Small Groups are designed to help you develop significant relationships with others who can encourage and challenge you to consistently apply the truths of God’s Word to each area of your life. Group meetings are normally 1 – 2 hours and include time for Bible discussion, accountability, and prayer, as well as informal time to build relationships with others in the group. God wants every follower of Jesus, to be continually growing as we Worship Christ, Walk with Christ, and Work for Christ.


Men’s Morning Bible Study with Andy Walker – 6:00 AM in Room 402

Men’s Evening Bible Study with Andy Walker – 6:00 PM in Room 402

Men’s Morning Fellowship – 8:45am at Mike Mason’s in town – facilitated by different Country Oaks Men – Topic:  we always study a book of the Bible

  1. Our last IRON works was fantastic, and my family and myself are totally being blessed by everyone sharing their spiritual gifts to make this happen, just wanted to say thank you very much.
    Couple of challenges (all men like to be challenged) is the sound system, almost half of the men there is hard of hearing and the current system echo’s and is very difficult to hear or understand.
    Maybe something to try and raise moneys for? So sound abortion panels for the walls and new or relocate speakers may also help at no cost.

    OK, the IRON works two months ago we discussed our liberty of drinking alcohol, it was a wonderful evening of building relationships and food, but I felt somewhat disappointed and I know others did as well, why? because I left thinking it was more of commercial to have a beer then for one to sustain from having a beer and I am sure people who enjoy beers would disagree with this evaluation and I am admitting I could be wrong, I am not the smartest guy around.
    None of my boys was there and I was kind of glad, this breaks my heart to say this about a church event because I did see young men there. The point of having the liberty to drink alcohol should (and Romans 14 also backs up my thoughts on this issue) should remain a private issue just like convictions, not a public issue. My conviction is mine not yours, there is great arguments that would lean towards drinking alcohol is not biblical, but in a public arena this would be wrong, just as wrong as justifying drinking in a public arena. Wisdom tells us what is private should remain private and what is public is public, Personal convictions are just that personnel.
    When I have been speaking in the past I learned by error and trial about liberties concerning Christians and now I know to take it offline and not on stage for some difficult issues, alcohol is one of those, never fails you always have one or two people who send praises and others throw stones (I hope I am not throwing stones here because that is NOT my intention, for me I know where I stand and for me I was not concerned at all, but when young men or my sons are present and I have a responsibility to my fellow brother as you do in the body of Christ), Legalism comes in many shapes and forms as well as licentiousness a form of worldly love, and just as much as Legalistic people are a disaster so is the person who has a love of the worldly ways (I am not saying someone had a love for worldly ways at IRON works because that is not my heart), 1 John tells us to love the world is a sure sign that the love of the Father is not inside of us, but we all do fall into things of the world at times in our lives, but we are not to be known or practice such things and to repent right away in obedience. Maybe something to consider, private convictions like alcohol I think we might want to consider the idea of leaving those areas private. And instead of speaking of our liberty of alcohol we should be preaching wisdom, when there is no clear teaching in the bible we are called to be WISE and this is a message we all need to hear from time to time.

    I want to leave with this, IRON works ROCKS, and they elevate the ROCK of our FAITH who is JESUS CHRIST where the river of living water flows. Gentlemen keep up the good work it has a positive impact on young and older alike, their character and spiritual growth as a true man of GOD is being spurred on encouraging all to stay the Course and keep the Faith. Something our culture and church is missing in America today.

    Maybe there is a blog where these comments should go, and I just don’t see it, like I said I am not the smartest guy around. GOD BLESS

    IN HIM

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